Best Road Bike Under 500 2021 (Reviews & Buyer Guide)

The Kestrel Talon Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber Road Bike is eye-catching to prospective buyers for a number of reasons: it has a sharp, monochrome, aerodynamic style.

Best Road Bike Under 500 2021

Some impressive parts in its specification, such as the Shimano 105 shifter and brake levers and the 800K high-modulus/700K intermediate-modulus carbon fibre frame; and an interesting combination of riding styles. According to Kestral, this bike “fits all levels of athlete, from the budding roadie to the tri vet” but can it really please all types of riders?


What benefits have riders noted in reviews of this Kestrel Talon Road/Triathlon Bike ?

The makers of this bike proudly state that the Kestral Talon is one the first aero bikes that is a functional hybrid of a road and triathlon bike and it is this unusual design choice that is the main benefit to its users. Buyers can start off on this bike and learn the basics of road riding thanks to its great handling, smooth ride and responsive nature but then, once they get more confident, they can unleash its potential as a sporty triathlon bike.


Riders say they have been surprised by speed that can be generated on this Kestrel road bike and report that, with the exception of a few minor problems, it has held up to some rigorous testing over a number of miles. In addition to this multifunctional performance, buyers have also praised the way that the bike looks – claiming that the stylish black and white design has earned them some compliments – as well as the improvements to the specification compared to older models, such as the switch from Oval 524 wheels to Oval 327.


What are these minor problems and what other drawbacks does this Kestrel Talon Road Bike have?

The bike stood up to these road tests pretty well but there were some flat tyres, which leads into the problems that come with this being an entry-level road bike as well as a triathlon bike. This bike is a starting point and many users have mentioned upgrades that they have made, either to the tyres to prevent further punctures, the brakes or other key components.

How much extra work and money goes into these improvements depends or you own needs, but it seems like there is a good chance they may be required.

Fortunately, this appears to the only major downside to buying this bike as the only other criticisms seem to be about cleaning and maintenance. The clean white of the handlebars does not stay clean for long and the tape can get a little tatty.

Summary: is this particular Kestrel Talon hybrid bike the right option?

What is interesting about this bike is that it has two very different sides to its personality: helpful entry level road bike and impressive, sporty triathlon bike. There are some issues with the components in the specification and the chance it will require upgrading.

However, this functional dual purpose means that, in theory, users will not need to change bikes as they progress as a rider, making the downside of upgrades and extra costs less of an issue. If you are looking to put some extra effort into improving your form and your ride so you can go on to train for bigger events, this Kestrel Talon Road Bike could be a great companion.

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